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Hello there!

A little about me: I have always liked games. Always have. When growing up, I always wanted to be a Games Designer but never knew how to do it. When I went into University the first time, I ended up doing Town and Country Planning. It was just a bit after doing that, I ended up in a call centre for quite a while.

So I decided to finally pursue my passion - I finished a HND and Masters in Games Design and got them both at Distinction level. Plus I got Atomicom Games Design Student of the Year 2017 and a GDWC award where I was flown out to Finland for quite an experience.  So you know, it's a far cry from where I was!

I currently live in Skipton after living in Sheffield for most of my life. 

I'm always willing to try new things and have trekked with llamas. Llamas are cool and better than alpacas - sure there's a scientific study out there that proves it. 

I have a YouTube Channel as well which showcases my talents as well called Dave's Nostalgia Trip. There I blog, play old games and share my mind!

Visual and PDF CV 

Here is a little visual version of my CV where I talk about myself a little more.  If you want to read my actual CV, you can do below!

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