Dave Price -
Writer and Game Designer

Creator and writer of MONITOR. Currently not working but studying at Sheffield Hallam University to complete a Masters in Games Design.

Pulling from a lot of sources and inspirations for the MONITOR universe, he has worked in many differing jobs which has added to the odd flavour that is the game. It is hopeful after finishing the game that these talents can be expanded further in to the gaming industry.

Philip Pendleton -

Philip has had many years of experience in the music world and has brought his many talents to provide the rich tapestry that is MONITOR's soundtrack.

Hailing from the UK, he now lives in the US to fulfil his dream to become a composer.

Philip actually found Dave through his Youtube channel and the two have become good friends which should hopefully lead on to other projects in the future.

Glen Sutton -
Additional Sound Design and Voice

Glen provides the love and care to the initial voice work that Dave has put together. He gives it a sprinkle of magic that makes it sound the best it can be. A teacher at Barnsley University; he teaches Games Design and Music as well as perform in his own band: Skinboat.

Glen has actually taught Dave at Barnsley University Campus and the two became friends. Usually, the two can be found drinking and hanging out in his secret studio lock-up (ooo-er).

He also runs a youtube channel called "Sounds Like Barnsley".

Mark Vergeer -
Voice of Emilio Bell

Mark (aka LactoBacillus Prime on Youtube) is a prominent retro-gamer and vlogger who talks about many topics varying from gaming to many other things.

A calm guy, he has had the mammoth task of being the CEO of Dolos Pharmaceuticals: Emilio Bell. So this role did make him go against his normal calm demeanour...which makes it all the scarier... 

Patti Rossier -
Voice of Katie Dreyfuss

Patti, or Pattimus as she is known on Youtube, is a crazy one and you can't peg her which made her excellent for the role of Katie Dreyfuss.

Being in the previous project known as RECUR with Dave, the two have formed a good working relationship and friendship. Her talent for making a character more believable and human was why she was brought in (even though she's too modest to admit it). 

Wouter Bovelander -
Voice of John "Wafer" Walker

Wouter provides the New Jersey-ian tones of John Walker and does it well! Known as "The Highlander" on Youtube, Wouter covers many topics and does not limit himself to gaming. Working on RECUR and countless other projects with Dave, he was a great fit for MONITOR.

An artist, actor and chef to name a few things; Wouter is incredibly multi-talented!

Olivia Steele -
Voice of Lana Remley

A talented voice-over artist and singer, Olivia joined the project as the youngest character. Olivia has worked on a multitude of different things and her experience has provided the emotional weight for Lana and she has a youtube channel which hosts lots of different little projects.

Plus she does a pretty good French accent as Widowmaker from Overwatch.

Robin Seabrook -
Voice of Albert Greaves

Robin has worked with Dave on a number of occasions and left a big impression after a voiceover in the game: RECUR. Knowing of how evil that Robin could go, it was a simple decision for him to become Albert Greaves.

A martial artist nut and retro-gamer, Robin hosts a youtube channel at RockstarRunner7.

Dave Webster -
Voice of The Chef

This Dave met the other Dave a long time ago and became fast friends! Dave is a programmer at heart and retro-gaming is his hobby which culminated in to a Mega Drive game title named "The Rise of Beakoux" which had story elements and narrative created by Dave Price.

Working on a secret project at the moment, the next thing will be big, you'll see. 

Elizabeth Tetley -
Voice of the Waitress

Elizabeth came late in to the project and provided the voice of the sarcastic Waitress; Josephine.

Suggested through another voice actress, Gemma Suter, Elizabeth provided an awesome voice over in a quick amount of time...even if she does think it was rubbish. 

Marc Johnson - Voice

Marc was brought in early on as a major voice in the MONITOR story. Good friends with Dave, the two have worked together in other projects, most notably RECUR.

A cheerful chap; Dave usually brings in Marc to do some evil voiceovers and Marc secretly enjoys it...we think. He runs a Youtube channel called the Joy of Sticks which showcases the Atari ST.

James Somerville - Voice

James came in to the project later than most but has become a predominant figure in the MONITOR story.

Someone who has worked with Dave before (both in projects and a real mundane call centre job!), James has a very commanding voice which you will hopefully get to recognise once you play the game.

Natalie Van Sistine -

Natalie was another late comer to the project but was a momentual part to the MONITOR project. The first time of working with Dave, she has provided some of the best voice work in the game; which can't be talked about as it would spoil everything!

Natalie has worked on many other different projects and also does sound design.


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Chris Weatherley

Gemma Suter

Stephen Richards

 Dave Carroll

Phil Pendleton

Chris Heeney

Dean Wishart

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Ben Hunter

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