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MONITOR is an award-winning narrative based game where you must find out what has happened to the CEO of Dolos Pharmaceuticals through audio bugs in his getaway retreat.

The Premise

You play as the Journalist; a disgraced character who has ended up in a room with six monitors which have audio bugs to a place called the Lynx's Crown. Your "Client" has told you to listen, learn but not to act on anything you hear...

...I hope your conscience is as bad as everyone says it is...because things are going to get a whole lot worse before they get better.

A point and click style adventure game made entirely in Unreal Engine 4, you must listen to six rooms with their own narratives. Learn the ways of five fully voiced characters. And choose to act on the fate of them all when you're told specifically not to.

With ten endings, this was a project for Sheffield Hallam University with a hope to show the skills of all those involved.