Nascent State: A MONITOR Story - A smaller story of the MONITOR experience following the life of a new character...

"Where else but to start at the end?

But what end you may ask?

Darker forces lurk within the world, hiding with power that most normal people can't even comprehend. The power to make people vanish within the blink of an eye. It is a time where things are prepared to change; but at a cost.

You are Beatrix Nowak; Detective of Miami PD whom is the best at her job - over-tired and underpaid; Nowak can see things that others can't.

A double murder has occurred at Keel Marina - two people whose lives were snuffed out in their prime. You have the opportunity to relive one of the most horrific stories of the MONITOR lore and you can change the course of events to make things better...or ultimately a lot worse.

A Visual Novel Adventure with many varied endings; what could you do if you had another chance?"

Teaser Trailer